A passion for building what hasn't been built. Yet.

Lohika helps high-growth companies engineer the next Big Thing.

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Working to Support Our Colleagues in Ukraine
For over 20 years, Lohika’s team in Ukraine has played an essential role in supporting efforts for our clients worldwide. We’re now committed to assisting them in their time of need.
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It takes more than a dream to go from start-up to scale up.
It takes courage and ambition to build new products. It also takes a unique engineering culture that's willing and able to go with you. Lohika was built for a singular purpose – to help high-growth companies build the next generation of products and services with core development.
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Built For a Singular Purpose

Lohika helps high-growth companies engineer the next Big Thing.

Complex Core Development
Complex Core
Lohika engineering services focus on core development only, using the latest technologies and software frameworks.
Start-Up Culture
Our culture aligns well with our clients' – with a start-up mindset, spirit and speed.
The Lohika Model
The Lohika
Developed over the past 17 years, our model applies an agile, integrated and transparent process.

92% of clients say that Lohika provides the right engineers

*Results of 2019-2021 Lohika Client Satisfaction Survey

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Coreless Enterprise: A New Way to Approach Large-Scale Digital Native Transformations

In this webinar, Zenyk Matchyshyn, Chief Technology Officer, Software Product Engineering at Capgemini Engineering will cover lessons learned during the design and development of several next-gen modernization efforts that were based on Coreless principles.

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How Capgemini and Unity Build Immersive and Metaverse Experiences

In this webinar, Capgemini and Unity will discuss their partnership to build immersive experiences in the metaverse.

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LeadDev San Francisco 2022

Join hundreds of technical leaders at LeadDev San Francisco and gain insights and learnings to expand your network.

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