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Migration to Microservices Lessons Learned, Part I

Microservices architecture is overhyped nowadays. There are a lot of decent blog posts, articles, and presentations that explain what it is, the pros and cons, or just focus on implementation details. Some engineers advocate for a transition to microservices, while others advocate for a transition from a monolith…to a majestic monolith.

We’ll publish a 5 part series on microservice and each installment in the series I will share real practical decisions that if I could go back and redo, I would. Read More …


Designing your own chatbot – ChatScript vs. Microsoft Bot Builder SDK

In the age of convenience, we’re not willing to wait. The use of chatbots has become increasingly popular to address the needs of the “on demand” customer who wants to engage whenever they want. Accordioning to a report by Grand View Research, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.3 billion by 2025.
When it comes address this growing need for chatbots, companies are turning to create their own chatbot.
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Virtual Collaboration – Reality?

I recently visited the virtual lab in one of our global delivery centers where our curious engineers spend their “free” time after work and on weekends tinkering on their own innovations. Nick, one of our engineering managers, was proud to show me the augmented reality software they have been developing for virtual collaboration. I don’t get impressed very easily, but my eyes lit up as I started to experience the future looking into the AR headset.

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Think about Humanity when you think about AI and Machine Learning

AI was a definite theme at last week’s Confluence conference held in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the big things that stuck out for me during the event was during the keynote by Frank Kern’s CEO Aricent (now part of Altran – read about it here) is when he said “Think about Humanity when you think about AI and Machine Learning. This made me consider how we should focus on human needs
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Streaming Technologies and MarTech

Every time your business requires data processing – it touches Big Data technologies. However, not all Big Data technologies are fast. Traditional map-reduce approach often is not for MarTech. Streaming technologies, such as Apache Kafka, help reaching so-called “near-realtime” data processing speeds, so getting the answer to your question is a matter of minutes.
In this video I will cover a few typical MarTech scenarios such as

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Let’s talk about MarTech

Marketing on the Internet is continually evolving. What was once a simple vehicle to share information is becoming a central global neural system of connected users. Traditional marketing tools must transform into something much bigger, more targeted and focused on benefits. Thus, the field of MarTech has emerged to “blend” Marketing and Technology for optimal audience impact.

What was something simple a decade ago like to count a number of visits

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